ATM Safety & Lighting Evaluations
Night Depository Evaluations

ATM Safety & Lighting Evaluation - Example Document

(Please re-type or copy & paste the following example document onto letterhead, sign, and email to or fax to 469-533-6450 to add your sites to our schedule)

Current Date

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter will serve as verification that (Financial Institution Name and Location) has engaged Compliance Professionals, Inc. to perform Safety & Lighting Evaluations at our ATM locations.

The nature of the Safety & Lighting Evaluation process will require the CPI employee(s) to be at our ATM locations performing the evaluation and taking light measurements during evening/night hours.

I may be reached at (After Hours Contact Phone Number) in the event there is a need for someone to document this letter.

Authorized Signature

List of ATM Locations:

LOCATION NAME      Address, City, State and Zip Code     Number of ATMs     Walk-Up/Drive-Up